Last Hour | Intense Escape

Last Hour

20% Escape Rate 2 - 8 people 1 hour

ADVISORY: This game is moderately scary with sudden movement and sounds. It may not be suitable for small children.

You are here today to be tortured, and I am here to watch you squirm. How fascinating to watch pain, and to see how much a person can endure.

Have you heard of CIP? Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. I feel no pain, so I settle for living vicariously through your pain.

You are probably asking what kind of pain. I like electrocution to start. Dismemberment is good but sometimes causes an unpleasant instant death - it’s over too fast. So interesting to see the horror on the faces of a person watching a loved one enduring prolonged torture.

The goal is to keep you alive for a long as possible, or necessary, at least.

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